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Recap from Symposium of Experts from the US and Europe  

Key Takeaway: Cybersecurity is not a department, checklist or political game – It’s a culture.

ATLANTA, GA, January 23, 2019 – With the Super Bowl around the corner, some of the world’s leading experts on cybercrime and cybersecurity convened Tuesday in Atlanta at the inaugural Symposium on Cyber Culture to send a wakeup call to all who will listen.  Their message: Cybersecurity is not a department, checklist or political game – It’s a culture. 

Doug Meal of Orrick, ranked by Chamber’s as the top privacy litigator in the United States and Richard Marshall, former Associate General Counsel for the NSA and Director of Global Cyber Security Management at the Department of Homeland Security were among the presenters. Michael Daugherty, Founder and CEO of the Cyber Education Foundation, created and produced the event which took place at Atlanta Tech Village.  The series will continue throughout at least 20 US cities throughout 2019.

When asked if he was pleased with the sold-out event, Daugherty responded with an emphatic yes.  

Are you kidding!  This was incredible – the idea that we would have the brilliance of Kate Keuhn, Richard Marshall and Doug Meal in the same room strategizing is simply remarkable.  And their message was just so profound – if you compartmentalize “cybersecurity” or simply leave it to your CISO, you are nowhere – there MUST be a culture whether it’s the city of Atlanta preparing for the Super Bowl or JP Morgan.


Among key issues addressed were Atlanta’s and other major cities’ capabilities to make major events such as the Super Bowl secure.  The three critical takeaways were:


  1. Proactive practice between departments as well as up and down the organizational chart is crucial; 
  2. The days of hiding in your boardroom or C-Suite delegating responsibility are over….it doesn’t work;
  3. Cybersecurity is not a department, checklist or political game.  It’s a culture.


The 2018 cyberattack on the city has many experts concernedThe event was groundbreaking for Atlanta in combatting cyber threats and building a culture to confront threats.   

The symposium is the brainchild of Atlanta-based Michael Daugherty, the former CEO of LabMD, who’s decade-long battle with the Federal Government over a false notification of a cybersecurity leak gave him a lifetime of experience in cybersecurity and federal law. Today, Daugherty, as CEO of the Cyber Education Foundation, announced Atlanta to be the first in a series of national Cyber Culture Symposiums, created to educate municipalities and corporate America in the legal ramifications of cyber-attacks and led by the nation’s top cybersecurity experts.

Daugherty’s message to all of corporate America is:

Your organization is going to get attacked. It’s not “if”, but “when”. The only question is, how will your organization handle it? Your organization, not your CISO or security department. I say that because the world has changed and cybersecurity is not one person’s job. Cybersecurity must be the corporate culture. 

In 2008, Michael Daugherty’s small business was destroyed by the Federal Trade Commission who brought false charges with what they knew to be doctored data.  Ten years later, a judge ruled that the FTC acted in bad faith with wrong information, and ruled in favor of Daugherty’s business, LabMD.

“We are going to share everything we learned over the last ten years so we can change the way businesses approach the security of their data and – more importantly – their customers’ data,” added Daugherty.


Meet the Experts at Cyber Culture

 About Cyber Culture

Cyber Culture is a community of business executives dedicated to educating corporate America in the benefits of creating a business culture of cybersecurity. The organization’s website,, serves as a repository of educational information applicable to C-Suite executives, HR professionals, Infosec experts, and marketing executives. Cyber Culture conducts regular events for managers, directors, and executives to learn through experience how a shift in company culture towards cyber security can spare their organizations from years and billions of dollars after a security attack.


About Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty is an entrepreneur, author, and the founder of LabMD. After his business was wrongfully attacked and destroyed by the Federal Government, Michael chose to fight the system, enduring a decade-long battle, losing millions of dollars and authoring The Devil Inside the Beltway on his way to one of the most significant legal victories in cybersecurity history. Daugherty has dedicated his life to educating business executives from his ten years of experience battling the government in the area of cybersecurity.





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